ISOWR Recorders

1. Duties

  • The ISOWR Recorder ratifies Open Water Swims in Romanian waters.
  • The rules are the same as those for the English Channel. The swimmer remains in the water from start to finish and must clear the water at the end, unless otherwise advised by the observer due to adverse weather conditions.
  • The ISOWR will ratify all open water swims in Romanian waters longer than 10k once the accompanying observer’s log has been submitted and deemed to be in order.
  • The swimmer will wear togs, a hat and a pair of goggles.
  • The swimmer may not touch the boat.

2. Procedure

  1. The ISOWR Secretary appoints an Observer once a swimmer has been
    accepted. The Observer accompanies the swim and keeps the Observer’s Log.
  2. The Observer’s Log is forwarded to the Recorder by email along with any documentation which serves to support the swim. Ideally, that log is re-written after returning to shore and a copy of the original log is also forwarded.
  3. The Recorder checks the log and all relevant documentation. In the event of queries the Recorder contacts the Observer for clarification.
  4. The Recorder ratifies the swim if all criteria are fulfilled.

4.1. The Recorder contacts the Swimmer that the swim has been ratified and

4.2. The Recorder contacts the ISOWR Secretary for official ratification

  • Completed the following verified and witnessed swim within 12 months prior to their attempt.

3. Records

  • All ratified swims will be recorded in the ISOWR Records Book.
  • All ratified swims will be posted on the ISOWR Facebook page and the ISOWR website.
  • All unsuccessful swims will be recorded in the ISOWR Archives as well.

4. Awards

The ISOWR awards a Certificate of the successful swim, which will be presented to the swimmer or a designated substitute at the Annual ISOWR Awards Ceremony.

5. Data Protection

  • All documentation regarding a ratified swim shall be kept by the Recorder on a dedicated USB storage device.
  • The Recorder will only receive the swimmers’ personal data as it is contained within the Observer’s Log.
  • In addition the Recorder will receive the swimmers’ email address for the purposes of direct communication.
  • All personal data will be treated confidentially in accordance with the European Data Protection Act of 2018.