Romanian Triple Crown Of Open Water Swimming

The Romanian Triple Crown of Open Water Swimming is a marathon swimming challenge consisting of three important swims in three different bodies of water:

1. Tricule Fortress – Port of Orsova approximate 40km (Danube River)

The swim starts at the Cetatea Tricule ( translated: Fortress of the three towers ). This is a castle ruin in Mehedinţi county in Romania and is located about four kilometers downstream of the town Svinita in the Romanian- Serbian border over the Danube .

The swim will take you to the most beautiful places on Danube river. Danube’s Depressions (Cazanele Dunarii) represent an exquisite nine-kilometer sector of the Danube Gorge, located near Carpathian Mountains’ pass in southern Banat. Cazanele Dunarii, Ciucaru Mare and Ciucaru Mic massifs belong to the Iron Gates Natural Park where the tripper can find unique sights such as 2,000 year-old Tabula Traiana memorial plague, ruins of Tricule citadel, Ponicova and Veterani caves and the statue of the last Dacian king Decebal, carved inside the massive rocks.

You will finish the swim at the Port of Orsova , one of the largest Romanian river ports, located in the city of Orşova.

2. Izvorul Muntelui Lake approximate 23km

The Lake Izvorul Muntelui, also known as Lake Bicaz, is the largest artificial lake on the interior waters of Romania. It was created after the completion of a dam built on the river Bistrița. The dam is located a few kilometers north of the town of Bicaz.

The lake is a tourist destination in the region, especially in summertime, when visitors take the ferryboat from the Bicaz port for a short trip on the lake, and to view Mount Ceahlău on the west shore.

3. Eforie Nord Beach – Mangalia Beach approximate 30km (Black Sea)

You will start the swim from the beach of Eforie Nord, a town and a holiday resort on the Black Sea shore, in Constanța County, Northern Dobruja, Romania. It is located about 14 kilometers south of Constanța. Techirghiol Lake lies nearby.

The swim will take you along the shore passing many holiday resorts like Eforie Sud, Costinesti, Olimp, Neptun, Jupiter, Cap Aurora, Venus and Saturn.

You will finish the swim at the beach of Mangalia, a city and a port on the coast of the Black Sea in the south-east of Constanța County.